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RecXpress For Sage 300 Bank Services

RecXpress gives you so much more when importing your bank reconciliation.

Users of Sage 300 who only have Bank Services can now also reap all the rewards of using RecXpress, the most powerful reconcilliation tool for Sage 300 Bank Services.

The best way to bring your bank statement into Sage 300 Bank Services is for RecXpess to use your bank's personalized statement format.

Because it is personalized, RecXpress calculates your bank statement balance for you and proceeds to match the statement entries with Bank Services using check number, amount and date.

RecXpress will also be able to add entries in Bank Services, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, saving you time and giving you complete accuracy and peace of mind by allocating correctly to your GL Accounts, AP payments and AR invoices automatically for you.Finally, once you have matched and generated all the necessary entries, RecXpress can post your reconcilliation, completing the process in a fraction of the time it would take to do manually!

The following features come with RecXpress:

  • Easily import predefined formats from your bank
  • Matches entries by cheque number, bank amount and date.
  • Define matching criteria to create entries automatically from your bank statement like gl account allocations and tax information.
  • Create entries directly in Bank Services for Bank charges, EFT payments, Transfers, Stop Orders and many more.
  • Allocate payments from your statement directly to AP Vendor payments and AR Customer invoices.
  • Generate multiple line details from one entry on your bank statement using distribution sets in Bank Services. Very useful when you need to break down bank statement entries that require multiple gl allocations.

Get these direct benefits when using RecXpress:

  • No entries need to be manually entered in Bank Services
  • Repetitive entries can be re-generated each month
  • Numbering sequences can be define using unlimited categories and prefixes
  • Completes your reconcilation effortlessly in a fraction of the time
  • No more worrying about not allocating to the correct GL Account
  • No more worrying about balancing back to your bank statement
  • No more worrying about missing any entries in your bank statement

Why RecXpress and not OFX Import

  • Your bank's custom format provides a perfect fit
  • Initial matching gives you 99% accuracy by matching by check or amount/date
  • User friendly screen to match entries not yet matched correctly
  • Many to one and one to many matching give you complete reconciliation
  • Balance and last statement date automatically entered from statement
  • Generates repetitive entries saving hours of user entry
  • Complete accuracy of entries guaranteed from user defined templates
  • AR and AP batches gives complete reconciliation

RecXpress already interfaces to the following banks. Do not hesitate to ask us to add your own.

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