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Peresoft Celebrates 25 Years

Peresoft Celebrates 25 Years

How time flies! Peresoft has been developing Software for ACCPAC's suite of accounting software for 25 years. This development cycle transformed a customised solution to one of the most widely used 3rd party Sage Accpac ERP products in the world today.

To mark this occasion Peresoft compiled a leaflet to outline 25 years of Cashbook development for ACCPAC and to pay tribute to the dedicated staff who have contributed to making this possible.

We have been fortunate enough to create an environment conducive to nurturing and retaining talent resulting in an excellent working environment reflected by the fact that most of the Peresoft staff have been working with me for over 20 years!

The support we have received from the Sage Accpac ERP Solution Provider Channel who have marketed, sold, implemented and supported our software for the past 25 years and which continues unwavering remains a true inspiration to us at Peresoft. We salute you for your continued support and your valuable contribution to our successes during the past 25 years.

We would also like to express our sincere appreciation to Sage ACCPAC who through their 3rd Party development partner program provided us with a solid technology platform on which Peresoft products could be developed as well as a market place to utilise for the promotion and sales of our products.

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