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Peresoft Software - Newsletter
Peresoft Newsletter

Peresoft Product Price Adjustment

Peresoft will be changing its prices effective 1st April 2008 to stay in line with Sage ACCPAC's new lanpac pricing policy as well as ERP core module prices.

Cashbook Lanpac
In line with new Softline Accpac pricing policy we have decided to have one standard Cashbook LanPac price for all database formats.
To achieve this objective we have reduced the Cashbook MS SQL LanPac price and increased the Cashbook Pervasive LanPac price.

The Cashbook price is now in line with the Sage Accpac ERP core module price.

The RecXpress price is now the same as EFTXpress.

Please visit to download the new Softline ACCPAC Price List.


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