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Peresoft NetXpress News             (19 May 2001)

SupportPlus Expiries Reminder Emailed to Business Partners

In future Business Partners will be reminded via an email from Peresoft of their clients SupportPlus contracts that are due for renewal 8 weeks prior to the expiry date of the contract. The first reminder will include all SupportPlus contracts that have already expired as well as SupportPlus Contracts that are due to expire within the 8 week period following the email.

Please Note: Once you have renewed a SupportPlus contract it will take between 24 and 48 hours to update the information on our website. The time it takes for us to update the information on our website is dependant on Internet traffic, and therefore it is not possible to guarantee a shorter response time for the updating of SupportPlus information.

Peresoft PTF's Only Released for Current Versions

Due to the fact that ACCPAC International only releases PTF's for current ACCPAC versions, Peresoft will adhere to the same policy for Peresoft product PTF's from 1 July 2001. The tight integration between Peresoft and ACCPAC Products often necessitates Peresoft to be reliant on the ACCPAC PTF's to address issues in our own products. It is therefore impossible to address said issues in previous versions of Peresoft products if the PTF's are not available for the corresponding ACCPAC version. We urge Business Partners to ensure their clients are on SupportPlus which entitles the client to a current version of Peresoft products at all times.

Only Attachments Requested by Peresoft will be Retrieved

In the Internet environment we use on a daily basis to interact with one another, destructive viruses are ever present. These viruses are usually spread across the Internet via attachments to email messages. Being exposed to a virus can result in costly downtime as well as the risk of further spreading the virus to contacts contained in your Address Book. To protect the integrity of our own as well as our clients systems, Peresoft will only retrieve attachments that have been requested by a Peresoft staff member from our mail server.