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What You Need To Know About Cashbook 5.4A

As you are aware by now the 5.4A versions of Cashbook, RecXpress and EFTXpress has been released and is available for download in the Master CD Download section of the Peresoft website. The Client and Dealer activation details have been generated and are available under the SupportPlus section.

We would like to take the opportunity to inform you of the following Cashbook 5.4A aspects:

Cashbook 5.4A PJC Interface

Cashbook 5.4A is only compatible to Sage Accpac ERP version 5.4A. If you are interfacing Cashbook to Sage Accpac ERP Project and Job Costing you can not upgrade to Cashbook 5.4A until such time as Project and Job Costing 5.4A is released. There will be a Cashbook 5.4A Service Pack available to afford compatibility to Project and Job Costing 5.4A.

Cashbook 5.4A LanPac Policy

The Cashbook 5.4A LanPac policy remains exactly the same as in previous versions with one exception. In line with Sage Accpac ERP you now need at least a 1 User Peresoft Cashbook 5.4A LanPac to run Cashbook 5.4A in a single user environment. Clients who currently run Cashbook in a single user environment can contact Peresoft and provided they have a current Cashbook SupportPlus contract we will generate a 1 User Cashbook LanPac free of charge.

Customised Cheque/Receipt/Deposit Specification Conversion to ODBC

If you have customised specification reports for Cheques, Receipts or Deposits you need to convert the existing reports from Crystal 8.5 to Crystal 11 ODBC. All Cashbook 5.4A standard reports have been converted to ODBC reports and only one report is used for all database formats.

Cashbook 5.4A Sample Data

Cashbook Single and Multicurrency sample data in DBDUMP format is available in the Downloads - Service Packs - Cashbook 5.4A section of the Peresoft website.

Only Cashbook 5.3A and 5.4A Supported

With the release of Cashbook 5.4A Peresoft no longer supports Cashbook 5.2A and earlier versions, the only versions currently supported are Cashbook 5.3A and 5.4A.

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What You Need To Know About Cashbook 5.4A