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Peresoft NetXpress News             (8 May 2001)

Tips on how to address support issues the fastest and most effective way.

As more and more Business Partners sign up in our Business Partner area we are getting a much quicker turnaround time on problem solving. We are also building up a very extensive answer forum. With over 500 questions and answers in our forum just about every type of issue that can arise in CBW has been addressed.

The following are a couple of forum tips we think will be of use to you when problem solving and posting forum messages.

Forum Tips:

Before you post a forum message please do the following:

  1. Search for an answer first. This can save you a lot of time if the issue has already been addressed. The search feature is very powerful and will search for a part of a word you enter. If short phrases are entered you are most likely to get a search result.

  2. Ensure you have installed Cashbook's latest PTF. Copy the PTF onto a CD and take it with you when visiting clients.

  3. Run MUDIAG. Our MUDIAG utility analyses all the install objects on your computer. This utility is very useful and can resolve just about any installation issue you are experiencing.

  4. Run Debug in Cashbook for Windows Server for more information regarding an error message, etc.

When posting a message:

  1. Enter a brief description of the issue, not the product, in the title of your message. E.g. if you are installing a Lanpac and it gives you a message: 'You cannot install this version of Lanpac with...' put 'Invalid version when Installing' as the title.

  2. Don't try and resolve two issues in one message. Rather seperate them into two messages.

  3. State a description of the error message you are receiving. If we have the exact error message it gives us a chance to resolve the issue much quicker. It also allows someone else to search the forum for the same error message.

  4. Do not to use more than one ?, and please don't use the !.

  5. You don't have to state it is urgent. Everything on our forum is treated as urgent and we guarantee a 12 hour turnaround time. (Except on a weekend as everyone needs a break!).

  6. You don't have to ask for a reply. To ensure you get a reply as soon as possible toggle on the 'Email replies to me' option when entering your message.

  7. Never be rude. Remember that another human being is answering your message, not a computer.

  8. Please don't email Peresoft directly. Our staff are not always available to answer their emails so please post messages on the forum.

All messages posted on our forum are greatly appreciated by both Peresoft and our Business Partners around the world.

Please feel free to let us have any suggestions on how we might be able to improve our service as we feel any comment or idea is worthy of consideration.

'Remember 'Communication IS the answer'.

Speed Up Login to Peresoft Business Partner and Client Areas.

We have added a Remember Password user preference for those of you who would like to speed up the process of logging into our Business Partner and Client Areas.

Issues to consider when toggling on this user preference are:

  1. If Remember Password is toggled on the user will have no security.

  2. All login fields ( Dealer ID, User Name, Password ) will automatically be completed when logging in.

  3. Cookies must be enabled in your browser to successfully use this preference.