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Peresoft NetXpress News             28 September 2004

Celebrating a Decade of ACCPAC and Peresoft Cashbook in the Windows Environment

Can you believe it has been 10 since the first ACCPAC and Peresoft Cashbook for Windows release? Peresoft Cashbook for Windows now boasts a worldwide install base surpassing 4 500 sites comprising over 15 000 users.

The latest Peresoft poll aims to measure the success rate we as the ACCPAC community have achieved over the past 10 years in migrating from ACCPAC Plus for DOS to ACCPAC Advantage Series in the Windows environment. Visit the Peresoft website to share your statistics and assess how successful you have been, in comparison to other Solution Providers, in converting your ACCPAC DOS client base to Windows.

Photo Identification on Peresoft Forums

We are introducing User Photo Identification to the Peresoft Forums, which will enable users to identify each other via a photo included in the forum message. Apart from adding a human touch to the forum experience this new feature makes it possible for users to recognize each other when they meet in person at Solution Provider meetings and conferences. 

We request all forum users to submit their Peresoft Dealer ID, User ID and a photo image of 70 X 90 pixels in JPEG format to


Peresoft at Partnership Australia 2004 


Peresoft will once again exhibit at Partnership Australia 2004 hosted at the Crown Promenade Hotel in Melbourne 14-16 October 2004.

We invite you to attend our session and visit the Peresoft booth in the Exhibition Centre to learn more about Peresoft Cashbook, RecXpress & EFTXpress as well as new features in the forthcoming 5.3A release.

Session Date: Saturday 16 October 2004.

Time:  10:35 - 11:30 am.

Room Location:  M3                                                    

Booth Number: 9.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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