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Peresoft NetXpress News             (2  July 2004)

Peresoft Enhancement Request Forum


We have introduced a new Enhancement Request Forum in the Partner/Client Area of the Peresoft website . The creation of this forum is motivated by Peresoft's ongoing commitment to creating a strong synergy between ourselves and Peresoft Business Partners and Clients.


 The purpose of the Enhancement request Forum is to:

The goal of the Enhancement Request Forum is to produce quality products that meet and exceed client expectations.


Use our Enhancement Request Forum to submit your own request or a request from a client.


The Peresoft Development Team meets on a continuous basis to review and discuss product suggestions and development status.


Although we cannot guarantee that any given request will be selected, we promise to give all submitted requests due consideration at one of these meetings.


Automatic Peresoft Partner/Client Login

Peresoft Partners and Clients who wish to login to the Partner/Client Area of the Peresoft website automatically can do so by following these simple steps:

If the options above are selected all login fields will be filled in automatically.

An added benefit of selecting these options is the ability to run pages in the Partner/Client Area direct and bypass the Home Page. e.g. will allow you direct access to the Partner/Client Area.

This account is designed for outgoing e-mail messages only, and cannot receive any inbound messages.

This email is only meant for Peresoft clients, if you wish to unsubscribe, please email and you will be removed from this email list.

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