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Peresoft NetXpress News             (2 February 2004)

Cashbook 5.2A Service Pack 2

Peresoft is pleased to announce the Cashbook 5.2A Service Pack 2 released on the 2nd of February 2004 includes the following new features:

Tax Services Integration

Optional integration of the Cashbook Tax Tracking report with the ACCPAC Tax Services Tax Tracking report. 

When printing the Cashbook Tax Tracking report a "Transfer to ACCPAC" option can be selected which will update the ACCPAC Tax Services Tax Tracking report with the Cashbook Tax Tracking information.  This new functionality will be particularly useful for users who wish to maintain one consolidated Tax Tracking Report in ACCPAC Tax Services.

Screenshot of Feature

Batch Control Form on New Batch

The ability to select "Show Form on New Batch" from the File menu in the Batch Control Details form. If this option is selected the Batch Control Details form will automatically be displayed upon creating a new batch. This facility is particularly useful for users who create a lot of Deposit and Single Reference batches.

Screenshot of Feature

Deposit Reversal All On - All Off

An All On - All Off option when doing a deposit reversal. The All On option will select all the individual receipts within the deposit for reversal. The All Off option will deselect all the individual receipts. This option will speed up the reversal of individual receipts within a deposit entry.

Screenshot of Feature

Cashbook Project & Job Costing Interface

The Cashbook Project and Job Costing Interface now updates Project and Job Costing in the same way as an AR Receipt or AP Payment Entry would.

Cashbook Project & Job Costing Interface

Cashbook Multicurrency Module

Peresoft have released a separate  Multicurrency module for the Cashbook Small Business and Corporate Editions. Clients who are running these editions of Cashbook and ACCPAC can now purchase the equivalent Multicurrency edition for Multicurrency capabilities without having to upgrade to the Cashbook Enterprise Edition. The Cashbook Enterprise Edition includes Multicurrency capabilities as standard.  

PDXpress version 5.2A Released

Peresoft is proud to announce the release of PDXpress version 5.2A which offers full compatibility to ACCPAC 5.2A. PDXpress  allows you to keep track and control all Post Dated Cheques, issued to vendors or received from customers. PDXpress offers seamless integration to Cashbook for Windows and ACCPAC Advantage Series General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.

PDXpress 5.2A


MULOCK is a new addition to the Peresoft Maintenance Utilities. MULOCK allows for the unlocking of batches without having to run an Integrity Check.

The new utility is especially beneficial to sites operating in a Terminal Server environment where the batch is locked as a result of a user losing their connection to the server whilst processing a batch.
The network administrator would now be able to unlock the batch without having to log all the users (some of which might be remote) out of Cashbook in order to run the Integrity Check.

Peresoft at ACCPAC Africa Partnership

If you are attending ACCPAC Africa Partnership 2004 at the Grand Palm Hotel & Gaborone Convention Centre – Gaborone, Botswana (February 5 -8) you are invited to come and take a peek at the latest Peresoft offerings which include Cashbook version 5.2A and the launch of EFTXpress (Electronic Funds Transfer for Cashbook).

Peresoft Presentations




New Features in Cashbook & RecXpress 5.2A and introducing EFTXpress (Electronic Funds Transfer for Cashbook 5.2A). 

Serondela 1 & 2

Friday 6 February 2004

11h15 -11h55

Technical session on Peresoft Windows products

Tshodilo B4

Saturday 7 February 2004

15h10 - 16h35

Future Events: Peresoft will also be an exhibitor at the 2nd Annual Third Party Advantage Conference (TPAC) which will be held at the Westin Bayshore Resort & Marina in Vancouver, British Columbia from 25 - 27 April 2004.