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Peresoft NetXpress News             (19 November 2003)

Cashbook 5.2A

Peresoft is pleased to announce the release of Cashbook 5.2A.

Amongst a host of exciting new features Cashbook 5.2A offers compatibility to ACCPAC 5.2A, an interface to ACCPAC Project and Job Costing and DB2 as a database choice.

Consult our New Features in Cashbook 5.2A page for a complete list of features available in this release.

EFTXpress for Cashbook

Peresoft is proud to announce the release of EFTXpress for Cashbook version 5.2A.

EFTXpress is an add on product which enables Cashbook users to select EFT as a Cashbook batch type. During posting of the EFT batch an EFT file is generated in the specific format your bank requires to process the EFT payments.

Once your bank has processed the EFT payments, EFTXpress imports the Reference Numbers generated by your bank. EFTXpress will match these payment entries to the EFT transactions in the Cashbook and update the Reference Numbers in the Cashbook Bank Reconciliation to facilitate reconciliation to your bank statement.

The list of bank formats available for EFTXpress is increasing all the time as more and more users provide Peresoft with their EFT bank formats to take advantage of the new EFT functionality. Provide us with your EFT bank format and we will add it to the list of formats already available.

Consult our EFTXpress 5.2A page for a complete list of features.

Peresoft 5.2A Products Available for Download

Cashbook, LanPac, RecXpress and EFTXpress 5.2A Client SupportPlus Upgrades and Solution Provider Demos with the relevant Serial Numbers and Activation Codes are available for download in the SupportPlus section of the Partner Area on the Peresoft website.

The above Peresoft 5.2A products are also available for download in the MCD Product Downloads section.

Peresoft Solution Providers will be pleased to learn they only have to download one file for each product as the product codes have now been incorporated in the serial number. This will simplify the download procedure immensely as only one file per product needs to be downloaded for all Editions, Full Products and Upgrades.

Version 5.2A Product Code Categories

Product Code Category

Product Description

5000 - 5009

Cashbook Full Products and Upgrades from 4.1A/4.2A/5.0A
5100 Cashbook Solution Provider Demo
5200 - 5209 MS ACCESS LanPac Full Products
5300 - 5309 MS ACCESS LanPac Upgrades
5400 - 5409 SQL LanPac (EE) Full Products
5410 - 5419 SQL LanPac (CE) Full Products
5420 - 5429 Oracle LanPac Full Products
5430 -5439 SQL LanPac (SBE) Full Products
5441 SQL LanPac 5 User Solution Provider Demo
5450 - 5459 DB2 LanPac Full Products
5500 - 5509 SQL LanPac (EE) Upgrades
5510 - 5519 SQL LanPac (CE) Upgrades
5600 - 5609

RecXpress for Cashbook Full Products, Upgrades and Solution Provider Demo

5700 - 5709 Cashbook DOS Upgrades
5950 - 5959 EFTXpress Full Product and Solution Provider Demo