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Peresoft NetXpress News             (13 August 2003)

Cashbook 5.1A

Peresoft is pleased to announce we are in the final development stages of Cashbook 5.1A.

Some of the exciting new features in Cashbook 5.1A are:

DB2 Database Platform

The ability to choose DB2 as a Cashbook database in addition to the MS ACCESS and MS SQL database options already available.

Interface to ACCPAC Advantage Series Project and Job Costing 5.1

The interface to Job Costing currently in Cashbook is to Network Micro Systems Job Costing version 4.5. In version 5.1A the Job Costing Interface is to the new ACCPAC Advantage Series Project and Job Costing 5.1.

Apply Unapplied Cash, Prepayments and Credit Notes to Invoices and Debit Notes Through Receipt Entry

Users of Cashbook 5.1A interfaced to ACCPAC Accounts Receivable 5.1A are able to apply Unapplied Cash and Credit Notes to outstanding Invoices and Debit Notes via a Receipt entry.

This feature in Cashbook batch entry allocation has been made possible by ACCPAC Accounts Receivable version 5.1A Receipt entry allowing users to pick up Unapplied Cash and Credit Note documents and set them off against outstanding Invoices and Debit Notes. This enables users to easily reconcile customer accounts by entering a zero receipt amount.

ACCPAC User & Security Integration

ACCPAC Users and Passwords are automatically updated in Cashbook.

Cashbook security is fully integrated to ACCPAC Security Groups and User Authorizations.

ACCPAC Fiscal Calendar Integration

Cashbook Uses the ACCPAC Fiscal Calendar eliminating the setup of a Cashbook Fiscal Calendar.

General Ledger Description of 60 Characters

Cashbook updates General Ledger batches with a Header and Detail description of up to 60 characters.

Integrity Log Reflects Balances Fixed

The Check Data Integrity Log file will reflect the stored and actual balances. This will provide a log of the balances before and after the Integrity Check fix.

Archive/Retrieve Deposit, Single Reference Batches

Deposit and Single Reference batches can be archived and retrieved.

RecXpress Selective Batch Generation

Select which "No Match" transactions to include in the batch generated in Cashbook.

Peresoft at Partnership  

Peresoft will once again be exhibiting at Partnership hosted at the Quebec City Convention Centre August 21-23, 2003.

We invite you to attend our session and visit our booth in the Exhibit Centre to learn more about the new release of RecXpress for Bank Services and Cashbook 5.1A.

Session Date: Thursday 21 August.

Time:  3:50 - 4:45 pm.

Room Location:  205C                                                    

Booth Number: 330.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.