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Peresoft NetXpress News             (28 February 2003)

Cashbook for Windows Upgrades

Please note the only Cashbook for Windows Upgrade which can be purchased is an upgrade from the Peresoft DOS Cashbook.

If your client is on an earlier Cashbook for Windows version and wishes to advance to the current version they will have to renew their SupportPlus contracts.

Activating Your 5.0A Cashbook & 5 User SQL Demos for in House Use.

There is no need to request Serial Numbers and Activation Codes for the Demo products as they have already been generated for registered Solution Providers.

To activate your Demo software: 

1. Go to the Peresoft Website ( Partner area. 

2. Once you are in the Partner Area select Product Maintenance and then SupportPlus. 

4. Select your company from the Clients list and click the 'GO' button. 

5. Select Download Support Plus Upgrades and you will see the Serial Number and Activation Code for your Cashbook and 5 User SQL LanPac Demo.