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Peresoft NetXpress News             (27 January February 2003)

 Cashbook Compatibility Chart

Cashbook Edition

ACCPAC Advantage Series Edition


Feature Restriction

Cashbook Enterprise Edition

Enterprise, Corporate, Small Business, Discovery



Cashbook Corporate Edition

Corporate, Small Business, Discovery


No Multicurrency, Must be interfaced with ACCPAC Corporate Edition
Cashbook Small Business Edition Small Business, Discovery


No Multicurrency, Must be interfaced with ACCPAC Small Business Edition

Cashbook Discovery Edition



No Multicurrency, No RecXpress Interface, No Batch Import, No Batch Archive/Retrieve, No Cashflow, Missing Cheque Register reports, Must be Interfaced with ACCPAC Discovery Edition.

Please Note: Cashbook version 4.2 is compatible with both ACCPAC Advantage Series version 4.1, 4.2 and providing you have the Cashbook ER installed version 5.0.

Cashbook version 5.0 is only compatible to ACCPAC 5.0.

If you install the ACCPAC Advantage Series Corporate Edition Multicurrency module with your ACCPAC Advantage Series Corporate, Small Business or Discovery Edition, you will have to install Cashbook for Windows Enterprise Edition in order to have a multicurrency Cashbook interface.


The Cashbook MS ACCESS and MS SQL Database can be interfaced to ACCPAC Oracle? or IBM? DB2? databases by installing the Cashbook Oracle or DB2 LanPac.

Activating Your 5.0A Cashbook & 5 User SQL Demos for in House Use.

Install the Cashbook and 5 User SQL (can be used for MS ACCESS and MS SQL databases) Demo form your Master CD set or download  it from the Product Downloads section in the Partner Area of the Peresoft website. The Cashbook Demo is a full working copy of Cashbook Enterprise Edition and includes RecXpress.

All the demo products are for the sole purpose of in house use in order to familiarize yourselves with the products.

There is no need to request Serial Numbers and Activation Codes for the Demo products as they have already been generated for registered Solution Providers.

To activate your Demo software: 

1. Go to the Peresoft Website ( Partner area. 

2. Once you are in the Partner Area select Product Maintenance and then SupportPlus. 

4. Select your company from the Clients list and click the 'GO' button. 

5. Select Download Support Plus Upgrades and you will see the Serial Numbers and Activation Codes for your Cashbook and 5 User SQL LanPac Demo.

Version 5.0A Product Code Categories for Peresoft Master CD and Product Downloads

Please Note:  The products (including upgrades) on the Master CD and the Product Downloads section are one and the same.

Product Code Category

Product Description

4000 - 4099

Cashbook Full Products and Upgrades from 4.1A/4.2A
4200 - 4299 MS ACCESS LanPac Full Products
4300 - 4399 MS ACCESS LanPac Upgrades
4400 - 4409 SQL LanPac (EE) Full Products
4410 - 4419 SQL LanPac (CE) Full Products
4420 - 4440 Oracle LanPac Full Products
4450 - 4499 DB2 LanPac Full Products
4500 - 4509 SQL LanPac (EE) Upgrades
4510 - 4599 SQL LanPac (CE) Upgrades
4600 - 4609

RecXpress for Cashbook Full Products

4610 - 4699 RecXpress for Cashbook Upgrades
4700 - 4799 Cashbook DOS Upgrades
4900 PDXpress Full Product
4920 PDXpress Upgrade

Demo Downloads

Product Code Category

Product Description

4100 Cashbook Demo
4441 SQL 5 User LanPac Demo
4910 PDXpress Demo (Not yet available)