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Peresoft Newsletter January 2024

News - January 2024

Embracing Positive Shifts

Over the past months, we've navigated certain hurdles that may have impacted our journey together. However, it's crucial to acknowledge the recent Sage Africa webinar hosted at the end of November. The insights shared and the positive outlook presented indicate a significant turning point. Watch it now on Youtube

The webinar provided a glimpse into a promising future for Sage Africa, suggesting a new direction and renewed commitment to growth and success. While we've faced challenges, it's encouraging to witness positive shifts that pave the way for a stronger partnership.

Peresoft's Plans for the Year Ahead

Following a rejuvenating break, the Peresoft team is back with renewed energy and a sense of anticipation for what 2024 holds. We're happy to share our plans for a year of significant growth and innovation.

Look forward to expanded training sessions, providing you with in-depth knowledge and skills. Stay in the know with our insightful monthly newsletters and get ready for an enhanced experience with the ongoing expansion of SFTP capabilities and increased compatibility.

Reflecting on 2023

As we look back at last year, we reflect on a year filled with growth, learning, and innovation.
We're delighted to share with you a compilation of our noteworthy webinars and training sessions that have played a pivotal role in shaping our journey.

Title Description
Peresoft Webinar: Unlocking RecXpress Secrets Unlock the full potential of RecXpress with insights from this webinar, exploring its features and tips for seamless reconciliation.
Mastering Peresoft SFTP Setup Master the art of setting up SFTP with Peresoft, ensuring secure and efficient file transfers in your financial processes.
Working with Peresoft Cloud Gain insights into effectively working with Peresoft Cloud, optimizing your experience with innovative cloud solutions.
RecXpress | The Matching Process Watch a tutorial on RecXpress, focusing on the matching process, and streamline your bank reconciliation for increased efficiency.
Cashbook | An Introduction to bakXpress Get introduced to bakXpress in Cashbook with this informative video, providing an overview of its features and benefits.
Streamline Sage 300 Accounting Processes with RecXpress Enhance your Sage 300 accounting processes with RecXpress, streamlining tasks for improved efficiency and accuracy.

Web UIs and Sage PU Compatibility

We're pleased to inform you that our Web Installs dated 28-Nov-2023 are now officially forward compatible. Unless significant changes are made in the Sage PUs, you can seamlessly install the latest Sage PU and still run the Peresoft Web Installs available on our website.

As always, after installing any PU, don't forget to Restart IIS, Sage.CNA.WindowsService, and initiate a new browser session.