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Peresoft Releases Version 2024

News - December 2023

Version 2024 for Cashbook, RecXpress, EFTXpress and RecXpress for Bank Services Now Available

Peresoft proudly unveils the future of bank feeds with EFTXpress and RecXpress, a groundbreaking leap in financial transaction management.

EFTXpress revolutionizes transfers, prioritizing security through Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Managing multiple bank accounts seamlessly, it introduces an intuitive interface for Host2Host and SFTP transactions. Enhanced reporting and streamlined reconciliation processes redefine financial control.

RecXpress transforms statement retrieval and reconciliation, offering automated downloads, error minimization features, and a unified interface for managing multiple bank accounts. The "Fetch Statement" option and detailed audit reports bring unprecedented efficiency and transparency.

Together, EFTXpress and RecXpress mark the future of efficient, secure, and intuitive financial management, providing a strategic edge for businesses embracing innovation in electronic funds transfers and reconciliations.

Peresoft Closed Over Festive Season

Peresoft is overjoyed to close out the year 2023, celebrating our 40th anniversary with the invaluable support of all our solution providers. It has been a remarkable journey, and we are grateful for the continued collaboration that has made this year truly special.

Peresoft will be closed from the 21st December 2023 until the 1st January 2024. Development will be closed from the 15th December until the 2nd January 2023.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you well over the festive season and extend our heartfelt thanks for your invaluable support throughout the year.

Peresoft In the News

Peresoft's latest release, Version 2024, has been featured on ITWeb! The article delves into the future of accounting software and explores the transformative journey led by Bobby Perel, the founder, and MD of Peresoft. Read all about it on ITWeb

Unlocking RecXpress Secrets

Dive into the world of RecXpress with our exclusive webinar recording. Join Bobby on a comprehensive journey through RecXpress and its myriad features.

From local imports to seamless SFTP integration, date adjustments on bank formats, quick-fire tips, and beyond — every facet explored to elevate your reconciliation game.

Watch now to unleash the full potential of RecXpress.

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