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Peresoft Newsletter

Welcome to the Peresoft newsletter where we bring you all the latest information on Cashbook, RecXpress and EFTXpress

Product News - December 2021

New Web UIs for Sage 2020 PU7, Sage 2021 PU4 and Sage 2022 PU1

Compatibility updates have been released for Peresoft's Web UI versions 2020, 2021 and 2022. These versions are now compatible with Sage 2020 PU7, Sage 2021 PU4 and Sage 2022 PU1.

New hotfixes are also available for Peresoft products version 2020, 2021 and 2022. These hotfixes contain all the new bank formats developed for RecXpress and EFTXpress.

Versions currently supported by Sage and Peresoft are 2020, 2021 and 2022.

View our Version Compatibility List to stay up to date.

Peresoft Closed over Festive Season

Peresoft will be closed from 23rd December 2021 until the 3rd January 2022. Development will be closed from the 17th December until 3rd January 2022.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you well over the festive season and thank you for your invaluable support for the past 39 years.

New Bank Formats for RecXpress and EFTXpress


Bank Format Country
Citibank Canada (CSV) Canada
View All RecXpress Bank Formats


Bank Format Country
Bank Windhoek ENCR Pacs.008 (XML) Namibia
View All EFTXpress Bank Formats
Latest Documentation

This is the kind of documentation you will find in our PDFs with a new flowchart giving you a visual representation of what happens when importing your bank statement.

We have redesigned our documentation to be easier to read. We will continue to create new PDFs that can be used as quick reference to common functions in Cashbook and RecXpress.

  • How to set up RecXpress Sample Data with Peresoft's Web UIs
  • Reversing Entries in the Web UIs
  • Adding Rules Automatically while in RecXpress