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Peresoft NetXpress News             (9 October 2002)

Peresoft Releases Cashbook version 5.0A Beta.

Peresoft is proud to announce the Beta release of Cashbook version 5.0A.

We have a Beta Software Forum and Downloads section hosted on our website for Solution Providers interested in partaking in the running of new products or enhancements to our existing product line before official release.

Peresoft invites Solution Providers who have not yet registered and are interested in running beta test sites for Cashbook 5.0A and other new product releases to email us at

New Features Available in Cashbook 5.0A

Peresoft Solution Centre

We have created a Solution Centre in the Partner Area of the Peresoft website. The Solution Centre hosts Solution Sheets which cover most frequently requested information on technical and general issues. We suggest you visit the Solution Centre first before searching or posting messages on our Support Forums for an instant solution. 


Peresoft at ACCPAC Asian Conference and Australian Partnership 2002

If you were one of the attendees at the Peresoft session (standing room only) or visited the Peresoft booth at Partnership 2002 in Las Vegas we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution in making it one of our most successful Partnerships ever.

Peresoft will also be exhibiting at the upcoming ACCPAC 2002 Conference & Expo, Shangri La Hotel, Bangkok (12-14 October) and the ACCPAC 2002 Australia Partnership, Grace Hotel, Sydney (18-20 October). If you are attending any of the conferences you are invited to come and take a peek at the latest Peresoft offerings which include Cashbook version 5.0A.

More than 50 % of the registered conference attendees in Bangkok have already registered for the Peresoft Post-Conference Training and we wish to express our appreciation for the overwhelming response. Everybody who attends the Cashbook training session will receive a ready for use activated copy of a Cashbook version 5.0A Demo as well as a 5 User MS SQL/ACCESS Lanpac for in house use.

We are looking forward to seeing you at conference.

ACCPAC 2002 Conference & Expo, Shangri La Hotel, Bangkok (12-14 October)

Peresoft Presentation

Peresoft Post-Conference Training

Agenda: Cashbook version 5.0A and RecXpress.

Agenda: Cashbook version 5.0A technical training.

Venue: Pimai Room

Venue: Chiangmai Room

Date: Saturday 12 October 2002

Date: Tuesday 15 October 2002

Time: 11:10am - 12:00noon

Time: 8:30am - 10:30am

ACCPAC 2002 Australia Partnership, Grace Hotel, Sydney (18-20 October)

Peresoft Presentation

Agenda: Cashbook version 5.0A and RecXpress.

Venue: 3rd Party Track

Date: Saturday 19 October 2002

Time: 3:00pm - 4:00pm