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Peresoft NetXpress News             (8 April 2002)

Peresoft Awarded Highest Sales Third  Party Product 2001

At the annual ACCPAC Africa conference held at Champaign Sports, South Africa in February 2002, Peresoft once again received the award for Highest Sales Third Party Product 2001. The award echoes the acclaim accorded to Peresoft in previous years. Peresoft is the recipient of the award for an unprecedented fifth year in a row since the inception of the award in 1997.

Peresoft wishes to thank all Solution Providers whose loyal support over the years have made this achievement possible.

RecXpress Speed Enhancement & Quicken Interface

The latest Cashbook (Cashbook RecXpress users) and RecXpress for Bank Services PTF's include significant speed enhancements to the RecXpress import and reconciliation functions. On a large bank statement import file that would previously take up to four and a half hours to import the process has been cut down to 12 minutes. To enable your clients to benefit from this time saving enhancement, please download and install the latest PTF's. 

RecXpress for Cashbook and Bank Services now also has an interface to the Quicken download. Quicken with it's millions of users world wide has an interface to most banks and this multitude of bank formats is now available to RecXpress users.

Cashbook Enhancement Release

Peresoft has released the second Cashbook ER (Enhancement Release). The ER is released to SupportPlus clients in addition to the Cashbook version releases to add value to SupportPlus and to ensure that SupportPlus clients have the benefit of new enhancements immediately, as they become available. The Cashbook ER is distributed to all clients with a current SupportPlus contract via a download available on the Peresoft website. The ER will have to be activated with a serial number and activation code which will be generated for each individual SupportPlus client.

The ER is released separately from the Cashbook PTF which will be available to all clients with a current Cashbook version.  

Clients that have the first ER installed only need to install the latest Cashbook for windows PTF to activate the features of the new ER.

The second ER includes:

Cashbook and IAP's (Integration Access Packs)

As you are all well aware ACCPAC International has changed their policy with regard to using their API interface. Version 5.0 now uses a lanPak when interfacing through the API. In version 4.2 and lower, no lanPak is consumed but this 'loophole' has now been plugged. Please refer to iap.pdf for more information regarding these lanpaks.

System Manager Version 5.0 with Service Pack 2 loaded gives you the option to choose between using two types of lanPaks, either ACCPAC lanPaks or IAP lanPaks.

Note: Peresoft strongly recommends that clients consume an ACCPAC Lanpak an not the IAP for Cashbook for Windows sites. The reason for this recommendation is that the  IAP only applies to the 4.2 interface (i.e. Old com, old finder, etc.) In Cashbook version 5.0 the interface to ACCPAC (General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable version 5.0) will be using the very latest technology (COMEX and the latest finder) which only consumes ACCPAC Lanpak's and not IAP's.

If the Cashbook is interfaced to ACCPAC when you log into Cashbook you will consume one ACCPAC and one Cashbook LanPac.

Cashbook and ACCPAC will be sharing the same Signon Manager when accessing the ACCPAC database.

What this effectively means is: if a user e.g. Admin logs in to ACCPAC as well as Cashbook (with the same user name) on the same workstation only one ACCPAC Lanpak is consumed.