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Welcome to the Peresoft monthly newsletter where we bring you all the latest information on Hotfixes, RecXpress and EFTXpress bank formats and any other pertinent information to keep your clients up to date.

Latest Hotfixes.

The following are the latest Hot Fixes released for the currently supported versions of the Peresoft Products:

Cashbook version 2017 (6.4A) Hotfix 4.

Cashbook version 2016 (6.3A) Hotfix 7.

Cashbook version 2014 (6.2A) Hotfix 11.

RecXpress for Bank Services version 2017 (6.4A) Hotfix 3.

RecXpress for Bank Services version 2016 (6.3A) Hotfix 3.

RecXpress for Bank Services version 2014 (6.2A) Hotfix 8.

Please run the “Check for Product Updates” function in License Activation to download and install the latest Hot Fixes.

New bank formats added for RecXpress and EFTXpress.


OFX QuickBooks /Quicken format to import OFX Credit Card Statements

Updates to BMO TRAN0827 format to allow for varying number of headers.


Standard Chartered Bank Mauritius - TT format.

ANZ Bank Cambodia - Pipe Delimeted format.

ABSA Business Integrator Online Unconsolidated format - added additional fields to allow the beneficiary to receive a payment confirmation email.

Standard Bank SSVS Vendor formats - updated to use Swift Code as Miscellaneous Code if Bank ID field contains the value “BC”. Designed to export a beneficiary code that is different to the Miscellaneous Code to link to the correct banking details setup for the beneficiary on the bank's website.