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Welcome to the Peresoft monthly newsletter where we bring you all the latest information on Hotfixes, RecXpress and EFTXpress bank formats and any other pertinent information to keep your clients up to date.

Latest Hotfixes.

The following are the latest Hot Fixes released for the currently supported versions of the Peresoft Products:

Cashbook version 2017 (6.4A) Hotfix 2.

Cashbook version 2016 (6.3A) Hotfix 5.

Cashbook version 2014 (6.2A) Hotfix 9.

RecXpress for Bank Services version 2017 (6.4A) Hotfix 2.

RecXpress for Bank Services version 2016 (6.3A) Hotfix 2.

RecXpress for Bank Services version 2014 (6.2A) Hotfix 7.

Please run the “Check for Product Updates” function in License Activation to download and install the latest Hot Fixes.

RecXpress Nedbank bank format.

Nedbank have added a new option on the bank statement download section of their website. The option is “Include VAT # and ENC * indicators?” and defaults to Yes. Set this option to No before selecting to Export the bank statement file in order to download the bank statement in the format that complies to the bank format in RecXpress

New bank formats added for RecXpress and EFTXpress.


OFX Append Descriptions, to append description fields in the OFX bank format.

Mercantile Bank - Fees Only, to import only the bank fees because the bank fee is on the same record as the transaction.

MyGate Pro - Rejected Debits.

CommBiz - BAI2 Format.


HSBC South Africa – added a new Advice record with e-mail address details in order to email proof of payment to beneficiaries.

Standard Bank SSVS Free Format Vendor Name/Code bank format to export the Vendor Name to the EFT file. When setting up the bank format, in the Additional Bank Export Fields section, in the Export Account Name drop down list select Miscellaneous Name.

Mercantile Bank (CSV Format). 

Nedinform EFT (Free Format).