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Peresoft Software - Newsletter
Peresoft Newsletter
Developing Software for Sage 300 ERP

Recent Enhancements

The following enhancements have recently been added to the Peresoft product range and are available for download via the Cashbook "Check for Product Updates" function.


  • Speed enhancement to Range Reversal.

  • The batch entry detail line Job Related field Yes/No toggles with the keyboard space bar.


  • When the matching of the bank statement entries to the Cashbook entries takes place.

If  an entry is Matched with Error (Reference Number the same but Amount differs) and another entry in the same bank statement import file, or Cashbook bank reconciliation, is an Exact Match (Reference Number and Amount the same).

The entry with the Exact Match is matched and the entry that was Matched With Error is unmatched.

New bank formats added:

  • Barclays.Net BAI.

  • Novascotia Bank (Jamaica) BNS.

  • WestPac Corporate Online.

  • Lloyds Internet Banking CSV.

  • Standard Bank Lesotho.

  • Standard Chartered Botswana - Straight2Bank.

  • Bank of New Zealand - PC Business Banking.

  • ASB Bank New Zealand - ASB FastNet Business CSV.


New bank formats added:

  • Std Bank New Business Online (nBOL) V1.2.2.

  • HSBC Bank Canada.

  • HSBC South Africa.


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