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Peresoft Cashbook For Sage ERP Accpac 5.6A and 6.0A Enhancement Release

Peresoft is pleased to announce the release of the Cashbook version 5.6A and 6.0A Enhancement Release which provides value to Cashbook and RecXpress users with current SupportPlus contracts between version releases.

The following are the enhancements that are included in the Enhancement Release:

Tax Line

You can now enter a pure tax line by selecting Tax Line in the Tax Method field in batch entry

Bank Reconciliation Adjustments

In addition to generating an adjustment of the variance amount of entries reconciled in error, you can now enter an adjustment in the Cashbook bank reconciliation for an unreconciled entry.

Batch List Number of Errors

If there are any errors detected during the batch posting process the number of errors in the batch is displayed in the No. of Errors column.

RecXpress Add Bank Statement Amount to Default Rules

When you have entries on the imported bank statement with the same References but different amounts you can identify the entry by Reference and Statement Amount. If the RecXpress Default Rules Statement Amount field is 0.00 then only the Reference is matched but if there is a Statement Amount entered the Statement Amount will be matched in addition to the Reference of the bank statement entry.

Please Note: If the status of your SupportPlus contract is current you can download the Enhancement Release install and activation codes in the SupportPlus section of the Peresoft website under your company name. You must install Cashbook 6.0A Service Pack 2 or Cashbook 5.6A Service Pack 5 before installing and activating the Enhancement Release.


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