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Peresoft NetXpress News             (16 August 2001)

Peresoft PTF's Only Released for Current Versions

The Cashbook for Windows version 4.1A PTF dated 6 August 2001 is the final PTF that will be released for Cashbook for Windows version 4.1A. Peresoft has already extended the deadline for the final PTF on Cashbook for Windows version 4.1A by a month.

Due to the fact that ACCPAC International only releases PTF's for current ACCPAC versions, Peresoft will adhere to the same policy for Peresoft product PTF's from today. The tight integration between Peresoft and ACCPAC Products often necessitates Peresoft to be reliant on the ACCPAC PTF's to address issues in our own products. It is therefore impossible to address said issues in previous versions of Peresoft products if the PTF's are not available for the corresponding ACCPAC version. We urge Business Partners to ensure their clients are on SupportPlus which entitles the client to a current version of Peresoft products at all times.