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Peresoft NetXpress News             (8 June 2001)

SupportPlus Renewal Procedures

All Business Partners with clients who are using Cashbook version 3.0A or later who are not on SupportPlus or whose SupportPlus contracts have expired would have received the SupportPlus renewals reminder email from Peresoft.

Peresoft products are marketed and sold globally, and it therefore stands to reason that the various countries and regions will each have their own unique taxes, currencies etc.

After careful consideration Peresoft has come to the conclusion that because of the logistics and administrative burden involved in ensuring that clients SupportPlus contracts are renewed annually, the quickest most effective way to deal with SupportPlus renewals will be via our website. By doing so we do not only ensure that the Business Partners have access to all the appropriate information regarding SupportPlus but we are also able to deliver the latest product versions to clients instantly.

To explain the new SupportPlus renewal policy and attempt to address any confusion regarding the procedures that need to be followed we have set up a list of commonly asked questions with the applicable answers.

Q: Who invoices the client for their SupportPlus renewals?

A: In an attempt to minimize the Business Partner’s administrative burden the SupportPlus renewal reminder email from Peresoft will contain all the information required to invoice the client for their SupportPlus renewal. The Business Partners can then use their own invoice forms to generate the invoice to the client.

Q: Whom do we pay?

A: The banking details for payment of the SupportPlus renewal is indicated at the bottom of the SupportPlus renewal reminder.

Q: How do we pay?

A:Payments to Peresoft can be made through direct transfer into Peresoft’s bank account or via credit card on the Peresoft website, all the necessary details for payment appears on the bottom of the SupportPlus renewal reminder.

Q: How do we get our commission?

A: When the Business Partner receives payment from the client they deduct 15% of the suggested retail price for themselves as commission earned and pay the remainder of the invoice amount over.

Q: When and how do we receive the product?

A: If the client is running Cashbook version 4.1A or later the new version will be available for download on the Peresoft website. The clients SupportPlus renewal information will be updated on the Peresoft website within 48 hours of Peresoft receiving payment.

Clients running Cashbook version 3.0 or earlier will have the latest version shipped to their Business Partner once Peresoft receives payment for the renewal.