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Peresoft NetXpress News             (9 February 2001)

Winacct Installation Utility Download Now! 9 February 2001

Peresoft makes available the Winacct Installation Utility.

The Winacct Installation Utility will test that all objects required by Cashbook for Windows are correctly registered.

The Winacct Installation utility will test each object individually and will re-register an object at the click of a button.The utility gives complete assurance that all your objects are registered.

File Versions Test

The Winacct Installation Utility checks the Name, Size, Version, Date and Path of the files required by Cashbook for Windows and Crystal and indicates which files have the incorrect version or are missing.

Connect Test

Creates the objects required by Cashbook for Windows on demand and supplies a trace indicating whether the objects have been created successfully.

Register Objects

Re-registers the objects used by Cashbook at the click of a button.